1-1 training sessions maximize your fitness gains with an exercise program tailored to your individual needs. Whether it be weight loss, boosting energy levels, training for a specific event like a fun run or triathlon, improving strength, core and posture, returning to pre-kids shape or just to feel better about yourself Anna offers the specific training, education and motivation to achieve your goals.

Semi-private sessions allow you to workout with a partner, friend or family member to gain extra motivation to work towards your fitness goals.

Group sessions offer a fun, inspirational and dynamic environment to help you achieve your fitness goals with the added motivation from your peers.

Each training plan is structured and specifically tailored to your individual level and goals. One on one training plans suit every rider from hobby riders out there just to finish a race or improve your fitness to performance based athletes.

Training for 3 disciplines is a very complicated process, which can lead to over-training if not overseen by a coach. Combining swimming, riding and running to achieve maximum performance takes a great deal of structured planning.

Learning how to handle your bike in all terrains takes a lot of practice and patience. The skill of riding downhill may come natural to some however for those just starting out and hitting the dirt tracks with rocks and roots it can be a little daunting.

You are what you eat. Nutrition and diet is becoming more and more a talking point with all the diseases and illnesses arising. Recent studies have found that disease begins in the gut. I believe that you have the choice as to what food you put in your mouth which is ultimately choosing the future of your health.


Expert Trainer

Anna offers training techniques practiced over 15 years including boxing, battle ropes, kettlebell, agility, cardio, strength, core and posture. The focus of each training session is on implementing the correct technique and to get the most out of your mind and body. Anna knows what it takes to have a goal and work towards achieving it. She is an amazing motivator, having experienced tough training and racing in all terrains and weather.