Private Coaching


Achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and learn to be your true authentic self. My role as a life coach is to advise and motivate you to find your purpose in life, creating inner peace and happiness. All life coaching consultations are conducted outdoors combining exercise and movement in nature. This unique combination is proven to release any past emotional blockages that are held in our physical bodies from life experiences, along with discovering unknown strengths within you. Unlock your full potential with Chakra Healing techniques to free yourself of past trauma that may be causing physical or emotional pain. This network of energy centres are arranged vertically along your core and when, in alignment, help navigate your relationships, raise your children more consciously and take action in the world, ultimately finding your purpose within. Each individual is treated uniquely, ultimately giving you the best possible chance to grow and transform yourself, enabling you to achieve anything you desire in life.



1 hour

Don’t wait until you are ready to take action.
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